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Go Far
Go Together

You bring your curiosity and wisdom. We'll supply the support, resources and energy to empower you to make great progress regardless of where you are starting from.

Rooftop is your avenue to meaningful impact in the evolving landscape of technology. We are dedicated to empowering women to maximize their potential and to make meaningful impact for themselves and others. Rooftop is by GenX women for GenX women, or those who wish they were!


The path of innovation can present its own set of challenges, so we provide a supportive and enriching community to help you navigate it.

Benefit from and Contribute to our community. 

You do not have to consider yourself ‘techy’ to join. Simply bring your existing skills and experience to this exciting new context and be curious about the opportunities you will discover in AI, blockchain and other emerging technologies.

Our community is hosted on Discord. Don’t be scared – believe it or not, you will come to love it!


Click below to complete the application form to join our community. Rooftop is currently open to women and those who identify as women. And in this season, we have removed the membership fee! Join now at no cost. 

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