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By working at the intersection of emerging tech and startup investing, we are closing the gender wealth gap. 

Rooftop is building at the intersection of emerging tech and start up investing to help close the gender wealth gap.

rooftop theory of change

Increased wealth for women equals increased influence for women and we believe that will lead to a better world. Women do not need more confidence or leadership programs to increase their earning or investing potential. They have all the skills they need to leverage new more lucrative opportunities. What they need is an understanding of new context so they can apply their skills and be successful.

how rooftop delivers

Rooftop is working to deliver its theory of change in two ways:

  1. A strength community for curious, experienced women who wish to leverage their skills in new ways to build wealth and impact.
    Learn more about the Rooftop community


  2. A global investing community enabled by Blockchain to get more women investing and more women invested in.
    Learn more about the Rooftop DAO




“The Rooftop community is creating value every day for me, both online and IRL, through understanding new financial tech, knowledge sharing about systems and through the network."


United States

“I love being a founding member. It's a wonderful opportunity to build community, especially to support and empower women. The general camaraderie is great."

Lee May, Canada

“I’m starting a business and the support of group members with my particular project has been invaluable. The specific aspect of our community that I enjoy the most is the technical problem solving."
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