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Welcome To



for women to leverage their skills in new ways to build wealth and influence


enabled by blockchain


emerging tech

startup investing

Why Rooftop

Rooftops are our vibe. 

They evoke feelings of expansive freedom, fresh air and are all best shared with others.

There is no ceiling–glass or otherwise–on a rooftop. Only endless sky and possibilities and that is what Rooftop is all about. We want to spend less time talking about 'inequity' and 'lack of gender diversity' (yes we know they are real, we've read all of the disheartening research) and more time getting us all up to the 'Top level', expanding our horizons and leveraging new opportunities. ​

By working at the intersection of emerging tech and startup investing, we are closing the gender wealth gap.


Innovation is creating a space of opportunity for women everywhere.

Go Far
Go Together

We make startup investing accessible to women.

We fund women-led startups.

We fund startups in countries that have less startup capital.

We empower women to build financial strength by becoming actively involved in investing.



“The Rooftop community is creating value every day for me, both online and IRL, through understanding new financial tech, knowledge sharing about systems and through the network."


United States

“I love being a founding member. It's a wonderful opportunity to build community, especially to support and empower women. The general camaraderie is great."

Lee May, Canada

“I’m starting a business and the support of group members with my particular project has been invaluable. The specific aspect of our community that I enjoy the most is the technical problem solving."
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