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Rooftops are our vibe.
Pools, gardens, sunsets, yoga, bars, restaurants and parties are all best high on a rooftop.

They evoke feelings of expansive freedom, fresh air and are all best shared with others.

There is no ceiling –glass or otherwise– on a rooftop. Only endless sky and possibilities and that is what Rooftop is all about. We want to spend less time talking about 'inequity' and 'lack of gender diversity' (yes we know they are real, we've read all of the disheartening research) and more time getting us all up to the 'Top level', expanding our horizons and leveraging new opportunities. ​

Sally Hodges Rooftop Founder DAO Expert New Zealand
Sally Hodges

Sally is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization expert. She has been on the core team at two North American Impact DAOs & one locally in her home country, New Zealand. Her focus is leveraging DAOs for impact. 

In her spare time she does voluntary work for her two teenagers.


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Lana Zumbrunn Rooftop Founder LevelUp Economy Consultant
Lana Zumbrunn

Lana lives and breathes innovation. She has consulted founders and worked in startup communities in 25 countries + many U.S. states. Her background is in economic development and she currently leads her company LevelUp Economy based in Seattle. 

For fun, Lana runs marathons, learns about blockchain and teaches her boys to bake.

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