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We equip women* with confidence, community and experience to leverage emerging tech for financial benefit. 

Crypto Investing Group
Friends interested in emerging tech
GenX professional woman

Just when you thought you were the only woman excited to embrace new technology at this point in your life, you’ve found us!

And we’re so glad you’ve made it here, to meet your new friends on the left side—
the best side—of the bell curve.

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Go Far
Go Together

SheFi BFF Surge Boys Club

You bring your curiosity and wisdom. We'll supply the support, resources and energy to empower you to make great progress regardless of where you are starting from.

We are hosting a global movement of women pooling their wealth, time and experience to back women-led projects by utilizing the emerging tech tools that are revolutionizing the way communities coordinate.


If you want to help close the gender investment gap then Rooftop Pool is for you. We are introducing 'inclusive capital' – funding that nurtures founders and creates accessible opportunities for women to invest.

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With Us 



“The Rooftop community is creating value every day for me, both online and IRL, through understanding new financial tech, knowledge sharing about systems and through the network."


United States

“I love being a founding member. It's a wonderful opportunity to build community, especially to support and empower women. The general camaraderie is great."

Lee May, Canada

“I’m starting a business and the support of group members with my particular project has been invaluable. The specific aspect of our community that I enjoy the most is the technical problem solving."
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